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26 Aug Posted by in Selling | Comments

Selling Your House and Keeping Your Valuables Safe

Look around your home. No, not at your big screen TV, or the china in the cabinet. Look at the less obvious things. Your laptop sitting in an office. The bucket of lose change you keep on your dresser. A beautiful jewelry box filled with priceless heirlooms and sentimental treasures. These could all fall prey […]


13 Aug Posted by in Buying | Comments

What is PITI?

The real estate and mortgage industry have their own language. I guess that is true of most industries. Sometimes we do a bad job of making sure others understand what the heck we are talking about. PITI is one you should know if you have a mortgage, are thinking about getting a mortgage, or if […]


07 Aug Posted by in Selling | Comments

The Lock Box

This month we are talking about safety when selling your home. Whenever you sell your home there is typically a lock box put on which contains the key or keys for the agent to access your home with their client. There are several different kinds of lock boxes: old school (the twist kind like your […]


01 Aug Posted by in Selling | Comments

Keeping Your Home Safe While it is For Sale

For the month of August my blog posts will mainly focus on the topic of keeping your home safe while it is on the market. When you put your house on the market you are opening your home up to the world, aren’t you? You have to be trusting to some degree, and that can […]


29 Jul Posted by in Charlotte | Comments

Buying and Selling a House with Children, and a note about Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

I am wrapping up my series on buying and selling your home with children. I hope I have answered some questions for you, but I bet I have missed some too. Please let me know in the comments what other questions you have about navigating the process with kids in tow. I’ll do another series and be […]